Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Job Loss Can Be a Good Thing

Right now we live in uncertain times. Many economists feel that the country may be headed to a major recession. The housing market is at an all-time low, mortgage foreclosures continue to skyrocket, gas prices go up each day, food prices are rising at a ever faster rate, and people continue to lose their jobs.

It's hard to look at a job loss as a good thing considering the uncertain times we are living in. Yet, when it happens, life must go on. Job loss may be due to a firing, a layoff, a reduction in staff, a turndown in business, or they just decide they don't like you anymore (which could apply if you work in a at-will employment state). Needless to say, you still don't have a job! That can be a very scary feeling when you need your job and the money it brings. Yet, I found a statement that brings me great comfort, and I hope it also brings encouragement to other people too. It is:

Anytime you get fired, be grateful, because it means you should not be there.

The statement uses the word fired, but whether you are layed off or fired, it still feels the same. You probably will feel worse, though, if irresponsible actions on your part lead to your job loss. Even then, you may have did some stupid things on the job because your heart was really not in it. So, now that you have been freed from bondage to a job that may have not really been a good fit, you can search for the career that you can be passionate about. Be grateful if you lose your job, it means something better is out there waiting for you. I'm certainly looking for my opportunity!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Being Sick - One of Life's Woes

After a couple of weeks of fighting the flu, while still trying to do the day-to-day activities of life, I believe the family has fully recovered. It's funny how, something that seems as simple as the flu, can take a real toll on you and your life. It's a burden to not feel well, and it can really put you in a sour disposition, which of course just makes everything worse. So, since everyone is feeling better, and I'm in a more cheerful disposition, I can really agree with this saying:

"Life's too mysterious, don't take it so serious."
I realize now, that I probably got sick because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed-out. Sometimes it is just easier to talk about what you should do, rather than really doing it. Of course, I am going to have to work harder myself at maintaining a cheerful disposition, even in the mist of chaotic situations that can develop in life, and can wear you down. Because when you are sick, it just makes everything in life seem even worse and harder to deal with!! Keep well everyone, and tell sick people to keep a safe distance from you!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Looking on the Bright Side

When you are having what you perceive to be a really bad day, this is a good quote to keep in mind:

A good day is

any day that

I am above

the ground

and the

ground is not

above me!

I recently saw that quote, and don't know who gets credit for it. Yet, it is a good thought to keep in mind when you are grumbling and complaining about how bad your day is going. At least you are alive to have something to complain about, and are not in the ground pushing up daisies!!

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